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Wireless Fully Sealed Pad Alarm WFSPA-01


Wireless Fully sealed Pad Alarm Wireless/ Fully sealed Floor Alarm is miniaturization wireless fall monitor with a short cord to connect to a wireless sensor pad/floor mat to configure a wireless fall alarm pad/floor mat. It offers to Caregivers an efficient method of knowing when a resident is getting out of a bed chair, wheel chair, toilet or step on floor and provide a silent fall alarm solution.

Wireless fall alarm pad/floor mat can be placed on bed, chair, wheel chair, toilet and floor in resident’s room. A door light can be placed on the wall outside the room in the hallway and a pager can be carried by the caregivers.

When the resident is getting out of the bed, chair, wheel chair, toilet or step on floor mat, a wireless signal is sent to the door light, caregiver’s pager and Nurse Call Receiver, the caregiver will be alerted by door light in the hallway and pager carried by the caregivers.

If the resident’s room has an existing nurse call system, a nurse call receiver can be mounted by patient station and connected the receiver to patient station with its cord. This allows the caregivers to be notified at the nurse call station.

The Fully sealed Wireless Fall Monitor allows more caregiver freedom than any other fall prevention monitor by sending a quiet wireless signal to a caregiver pager, hallway alarm or existing nurse call system. This allows the caregiver to attend to other duties and receive an alert to let them know that someone is getting up from a bed, a chair or approaching an exit.

    Remove room noise – No Cords, No Noise

    Totally sealed and impervious to fluids

    Reduces tripping, entanglement and choking hazards

    Reduces replacing sensor pads due to broken cords

    Optional alarm delay of 0, 2, 4 seconds to reduce false alarms

    Wireless alarm signal indicate

    Battery operated (sealed in monitor)

    Maximum wireless transmission rangebetween wireless fall alarm pad/floor mat and door light /Nurse Call Receiver/Pager): 150-300 feet depending on environment.

    Reliable 2.4GHz frequency wireless signal, confirm to FCC, CE

    Compatible with wireless sensor pad/ floor mat

    Deter resident tampering

    Automatic reset No on/off switch

    Universal Fall Alarm for Bed, Chairwheelchair, toilet, floor

    Visible change monitor alert

    Easy to mount on Bed, Chair, Wheel chair , toilet and floor



Quick Details

Type: Wireless Fully Sealed Pad Alarm

 Brand Name: LR

Model Number: 830206

Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)


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